2006 – Getting back into photography

2006 really started at the end of 2005, when I met up with fellow Nikonians at a Nikonians Christmas get together in Brussels. One of the presentations was from the 2005 trip to Helgoland, and it wasn’t too long before Ferd, Patrick, and Claus had convinced me to go along on the 2006 trip to Helgoland in Germany in April.

I travelled up to Helgoland together with Ferd, and on arrival realised my rather modest photo outfit paled in significance to some of the big guns that were on display there. Luckily Claus had arranged with Nikon Professional Service in Germany to borrow some of their loaners, so there was enough big glass to get me hooked (and to provide me with a long shopping list once I returned to the Netherlands.)

Once I returned, having enjoyed 10 days of early morning to shoot the seals, and fun afternoons on bird’s rock, I made a visit to my dealer, Foto Konijnenberg in Den Ham, and returned home with all the goodies I would need for future trips, including a Nikon 200-400 VR, and the 70-200 🙂

Some of the photos from that that trip can be seen in my Flickr account, but here’s one for starters:

Northern Gannets

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