Romany in the Studio

in Shooting reports, Studio by on February 28th, 2010

For a while I had been wanting to do a shoot in the studio using mirrors. Rather than using them as a way of getting light into the photo, I wanted to use them as a prop in the photo itself, so I invited Romany from Model Mayhem to come along one afternoon, so we could try some things out. Romany wanted to update her portfolio as well, and brought along Natasja to do her make up.

My intention had been to position the model in front of a mirror, and then stand behind her so that I would be able to shoot both the front and the back of the model in the same shot. However we soon worked out that since mirrors are very good at reflecting whatever is in front of them <g> it was going to be hard to get the pure white background both in front and behind the mirror.

So for the first shots I positioned Romany at right angles to the infinity background in the studio, and asked her to hold the mirror so that the infinity background reflected in the mirror, giving the effect that I wanted.

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to get any full length shots, due to the reflections around the studio that got into the mirror….

Take a look in the mirror

The second thing I wanted to try was to have the model leaning on the mirror. Since we have a white linen ceiling in the studio, it was fairly easy to get the effect I wanted, so with a bit of Photoshop to clean the images up, I was happy with the shots.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon. Thanks to Romany for the modeling, and Natasja for the excellent hair and makeup!


Painting the Studio

in Studio by on September 27th, 2009

Video showing the repainting of our studio in Amsterdam.

OK, so there is one thing that is more boring than watching paint dry – watching someone doing the painting in the first place. But I have a new video camera, so wanted to try a video blog out.

Promise to do some more interesting sessions in the future

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