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March 7th, 2010 / 9pm

My Favorite Wildlife Shots from 2009

Have been meaning to post this blog entry since around January 1st, but things kept getting in the way. Whilst i didn’t have as many opportunities to shoot wildlife as I would have liked in 2009, I still ended the year with a couple of shots I was happy with.  Here are my five favorite shots from the year….

The first shot, and probably my favorite of the year, was taken on field trip to Feldberger Seenlandschaft in May. Together with Patrick and Tom we had driven 8 hours into Eastern Germany to spend some time with Fred Bollmann from Ranger Tours. Although the photo opportunities hadn’t been as rich as we had hoped, we were able to come away with some nice images of a local sea eagle. More shots from the trip can be viewed in this blog post

Sea Eagle, Feldberger Seenlandschaft

My next favorite shot was a grab shot from the car whilst driving round the Biesbosch in the Netherlands in July. I had my D3 together with the 600mm lying next to me on the passenger car seat, and this young deer ran out in front of the car. I was able to stop the car and grab a few shots before he disappeared completely into the corn field.

Deer in the Biesbosch

Every year in March the black tailed godwit stops off in the Netherlands on the way to warmer climates. A local farmer uses the opportunity to flood one of his fields to give the godwit a chance to refuel energy during the trip. There are thousands of godwits present, and it makes for some good viewing opportunities. It is not easy to get individual godwits in the frame, as they are just a bit too far away – the shot below was shot on the D3 with the 600mm and a tc-17e – a focal length just over 1000mm….

Black tailed godwit at 'Landje van Geijsel' near Ouderkerk aan der Ijssel

I spent a number of Sunday mornings at the Oostervaardersplassen in the North of the Netherlands. There are a lot of birds of prey around this area, as well as kingfishers, deer, foxes, and wild horses. Although I typically like to be able to isolate birds from their surroundings, I liked the composition on this shot of a buzzard, taken in March, and the camouflage that she was able to get from the surrounding branches.

Buzzard in a tree, Oostvaardersplassen

The final shot was taken on a weekend trip to Texel, one of the islands just off the coast of the Netherlands. Texel has a wide variety of species, and is a good location for bird photographers. I took this shot of a common tern taking food back to the nest in April, one of the busiest times for migratory and nesting birds on the island. More shots from this trip can be seen in this blog entry.

Common Tern, Texel

So, not a totally unsuccessful year, but nevertheless I would like to have more images to choose from at the end of 2010. Here’s hoping….

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