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May 7th, 2010 / 8pm

Nikonians Amsterdam Get Together

Some time ago we put a call out on the Dutch Cafe at Nikonians for a get together in Amsterdam. This is something we have organised a couple of times in the past, although the previous trips were more based around out of town vendors. This time we decided upon a city meet, so planned to start off at Centraal Station in Amsterdam at 10am on the Sunday morning.

Unfortunately we chose the worst day of the year in terms of weather, and it rained torrentially the whole day. This had an effect on the turn out, and the group was rather small – Albert, Jeroen, and myself.

Red - Waterlooplein

Our plan for the day was to spend the first couple of hours walking around the Jordaan, and then get to the city archive for 1200pm, to allow us to join in with the Foam Museum Foam Lab Safari, a photo walk through Amsterdam. The theme for the Safari was ‘Structures’, and photographers were open to interpret that as they wished. Foam had organised a ‘refuel point’ in Amsterdam Noord, so we walked up from the archives to behind Central Station to catch the boat to North. Along the way we were able to take a few shots, using umbrellas as protection, as the rain really wasn’t planning to stop any time soon.

ARCAM - Amsterdam Center for Architecture

Wet - Bridge near Nemo

One interesting solution that Amsterdam has to the student housing problem is to make temporary accommodation by stacking up shipping containers, cutting a window in the side, and painting them funky colors. Not sure it would be my first choice of living quarters, but they seem very popular. There is such a ‘commune’ in the north of Amsterdam, at the NDSM Wharf.

Light at the end of the tunnel aka A student's life

I said No

There are also a number of old warehouses in North, and these have been handed over to artists who use them for their creative purposes. We wandered inside one, but upset one of the residents, who didn’t want ‘professionals’ taking photos….. 🙂

D is for...


Saint in training

It’s always nice to wander round a city that you know very well looking for some different photos, and it was a good day’s walk……

All the photos in this blog post were taken using the D3 and the 24-70mm f/2.8G lens. The waterproofing of both the lens and the camera certainly proved to be valuable…..

Albert demonstrating how to take a photo whilst holding an umbrella.....

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